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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Information

Please us contact at or (877)FRESH-01. There is never a reason for you to directly contact any of our roasters. Coffee Medley will handle any concerns directly with the roaster for you.

Our intent is to partner with the greatest local and independent coffee roasters and provide you with sustainable, diverse, and purpose driven coffee. There are plenty of online coffee stores, but none of of them quite like us (We know, we tried them!).  

We set a very high bar for each roaster on Coffee Medley. Each roaster must demonstrate community betterment, sustainability, environmentalism, fair wages, and a desire to craft the greatest coffee you ever had! Likewise, we hold ourselves to the same standards. 

From day one we have donated 1% of all profits to charities selected by each individual roaster. The best way you can support this movement towards better coffee is by supporting each hand picked roaster on Coffee Medley. Check out our About Us section for more info.

No. You are tasting natural coffee. Countless factors create the thousands of flavors in your cup of coffee. It begins with the unique variety of coffee bean, factor in the growing location & environment, harvesting date, processing technique, roasting method & duration, freshness, and finally your brewing method. That is what you are tasting. Often it is fun to think of the journey each bean in your bag took from a continent away to get into your cup...... Alright, we're back, our coffee isn't flavored.

We listened to your requests for a subscription that provided the most bang for your buck. You work hard for that money and we want to make sure it goes to causes you support. We respect our subscribers by providing a reasonable price and over-delivering on value.

Our subscriptions are only whole bean. This gives the coffee drinker the best coffee experience. Grinding coffee beans immediately before brewing provides the greatest flavor. We will happily sell you a grinder or purchase one from your local roaster.

The coffee selections included in your subscription will vary between all the roasters on our site. Please customize your coffee preferences via the subscription product page. If you sign up for our premium value plan, you will receive two different bags of coffee each shipment, on the schedule you select. Once your subscription starts, you should receive your first bag within a week. Cancel anytime for any reason, except for The Gift subscription. Once a payment processes, we are unable to cancel that shipment. More questions? Give us a call at (877) FRESH-01 or email us at  


Once your payment processes, it will be fulfilled. Roasters often begin working on your coffee quickly after you you submit your order. Please carefully review your order before you finalize it and submit payment. 

We are all about customer service, but imagine how heartbroken your coffee will be when we have to tell it to unpack it's bags. Eyes will get all puddly, lips will quiver, and we just can't treat coffee like that!

Our refund policy is here.

Coffee is a perishable product crafted for you to enjoy. We do not accept returns on coffee. If you are dissatisfied with your order or something isn't quite right, contact us at with your order number. If you would like to return equipment, please contact us within 10 days for shipping instructions and you will be charged a 20% restocking fee. The customer is responsible for return shipping.

We like happy customers. If you have an issue, please reach out directly to us at (877) FRESH-01 or


Coffee Medley is unique because your beans never lie around in a warehouse losing flavor. Coffee beans ship directly from each independent roaster to your house. Every roaster is a small local business that operates with just a few employees. The most efficient use of their precious time is to function on the schedule that works best for them. Therefore, shipping is unique to each roaster.  

Each individual coffee has shipping information under the ADD TO CART button on the product page. Your coffee often ships quicker than this. In rare circumstances we reserve the right to delay shipping if needed.

Most roasters ship via USPS. The closer you are to the roaster, the quicker your coffee will arrive. You will receive an email with tracking information within seven days of your order; please double check your spam folder. Contact us at or (877) FRESH-01 with any concerns.  

For rush delivery we refer you to your local roaster. Tell them Coffee Medley sent you. When they ask you who Coffee Medley is, tell them "What? Have you been living under a rock? Only the greatest thing to happen to coffee since ________ (Fill in the blank)." 

Coffee Medley only ships coffee and products to the lower 48. Please go to the roasters website if you would like it shipped further. Chances are they will work with you.