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5 Ways to Save Money on Specialty Coffee

Times are tough and money is tight. We get it. Today, we’re sharing steps to enjoy fresh roasted coffee and save money in the process. Specialty coffee is eye-opening coffee. Specialty coffee roasters sell coffee that cannot compare to grocery store coffee. From bean to bag, specialty coffee beans are skillfully managed to give exceptional flavor and quality. You may believe that specialty coffee is unaffordable and brewed solely with pricey equipment. Wrong! Instead of spending your time waiting in the drive-through, save money and take pride by creating your own coffee experience, and WOW yourself in the process!

Get to know your local roaster. Many coffee drinkers live within 30 minutes of a local and independent roaster. Local roasters are nothing like the big chains that many are accustomed to. Make yourself known by visiting an independent café or roaster semi-frequently. Make small talk, be friendly, and open. Everyone, even the head roaster, began learning coffee at some point. Tell them that you want to have better coffee and ask how to start. Ask if you can buy a sampler of a few different beans. They’re generally buzzed with caffeine and excited to share knowledge. When COVID-19 is not a concern, take a seat and keep your phone in your pocket. Look at the menu, artwork on the walls, signs in the windows, and what customers order. Have a family? Bring a tabletop game or cards to enjoy. Engaging with baristas during down time creates opportunities. You’ll gain free knowledge insight. Plus, you’ll have some fun!

Saving money means slight inconveniences.  Time to drop the drive-through. How long does it take to grind beans, heat up water, and pour a quality pour over? Ten minutes tops. Only slightly longer than the drive through. At the drive-through, you’re spending $3 more and saving only five minutes. Here’s the kicker—that's over $1,000 a year! Think of all the fun coffee gadgets or biscottis you could buy with that! Save money by investing in equipment.  Pat yourself on the back as you hone your favorite brew.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment to make great coffee. The equipment we recommend does require explanation. Save money on equipment by buying the “nice” stuff. This is an investment, and you need to buy it nice or buy it twice! We’ve been there. You think you're getting a deal, never heard of the company, it does a decent job…… and then it breaks. Time to chuck it and the money you spent on it. Now you’re buying subpar throwaway equipment a second time. Instead, quality equipment lasts and is there for years. This equipment prioritizes function over design, holds its value, and has replacement parts available for purchase. Alternatively, you can reduce the cost and go manual instead of automatic. The choice is yours and we’re always here to help.

Time to save money on coffee beans. Novice to coffee geek, sign up for a subscription. There are a few subscription options out there from other guys, and ultimately you decide who you wish to support. Let’s talk about this. Subscriptions vary greatly from company to company. Oftentimes, you choose the frequency and type of coffee. But you have to pay attention to club fees, hidden charges, and needless gadgets or other add-ons. If you’re drawn in by a discounted first bag, make sure you know the terms, such as how long before you’re able to cancel. At Coffee Medley, you can cancel a subscription at any time and we have no add on charges! With our subscriptions, you’ll save money in the long run!

Our last tip may not be for everyone. Simply leave out the fancy creamers. Most coffee drinkers begin with them. We did! If you need them, enjoy them. You Do You. Our one recommendation though is to always try one sip of black coffee before you add in your goodies. Without creamer and sugar, you taste the natural bean and its origin. Leaving out creamer keeps money in your pocket and calories to a minimum.

The most difficult part of saving all this money---what to spend it on now! Spend it on something that makes you smile. If fancy creamers and drive through coffee make you smile, well, You Do You!



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