Time to Drop the Pods? Save Money & Brew Better Coffee!

There are innumerable ways to make coffee. Mix water and grounds and you have coffee, albeit not so good. Every year a new-fangled machine hits the market promising to make better coffee. For all the convenience of pods, there are obvious shortcomings. The machines aren’t cheap and often find a way of failing. You must worry about mineral & lime buildup, clogged water lines, and power issues. We’ve been down the rabbit hole of identifying and fixing these problems after the warranty period. You’re better off just getting a new machine.

What is inside those plastic pods anyways? You’ll often find mass-roasted coffee from months ago inside. There is a night and day difference between stale pods and fresh roasted coffee from expert roasters. Think reheated microwaved fish vs fresh grilled salmon. Freshly roasted coffee exhibits mouthwatering aromas and flavors that stop you in your tracks. Forget bitter and say goodbye to over-roasted and burnt beans. You deserve to experience fresh roasted and high-quality coffee. Don’t just take our word for it. We’re excited to introduce you to an entry level tool perfect to get you started!



The AeroPress is BPA free, long lasting, and simple to use. This revolutionary brewer has been around for over 15 years. It is tested, tried and true. There’s even an AeroPress World Championship that baristas compete in. We don’t know why it hasn’t entered mainstream culture. Maybe it’s because word of mouth advertising is slower than a $100 million dollar advertising campaign. Whatever the reason, this is one of the best replacements to free yourself from cycling through the limited options that single serve cups provide.

Here are the simple steps to create a cup of eye-opening coffee, without your “okay” cups (see what we did there!).  Use any bag of fresh roasted coffee and have it ground medium. Put a filter disc into the cap and twist it onto the chamber. Place the AeroPress onto a coffee cup and add a heaping spoonful of ground coffee. Pour in 175° water up to the 1 mark. Stir with the provided stirrer for about 10 seconds. Finally, add the plunger and slowly press your coffee through the filter. What you made is concentrated coffee not far off of espresso. Top off your cup with hot water and take a seat. You worked hard for 90 seconds and deserve to appreciate the complexity and aromas you created. 



Brewing with the AeroPress is fairly simple, but it may take a few attempts before it becomes routine. You now have the basic tools needed to drink sweeter and more flavorful coffee, while saving money. Welcome to specialty coffee! Coffee Medley's ready to be your go-to source for AeroPress and fresh roasted coffees!

 Buy an AeroPress right here at Coffee Medley today!


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