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Fruity & Flavorful Coffee Without Artificial Creamers.

What unique and fruity flavors do you savor in every sip of coffee? Are you one of the millions of Americans that add flavored creamer to stale, bitter, and flavorless coffee? Artificial flavors, ranging from mint truffle to caramel toffee almond and even cookies n' cocoa are often are full of unhealthy additives. Big Coffee’s advertising campaigns convince many Americans that coffee from a stale store shelf is your only option. But, there is a movement afoot to introduce flavorful, fresh, honest, and natural coffee grown around the globe.  Prepare for the best coffee you've ever had, without dumping in empty calories, corn syrup, vegetable oil, and other chemicals that are hidden in creamer's fine print. Never worry about running out of creamer again!

Coffee beans, like any other produce, taste best fresh picked and fresh roasted. Let that sink in for a minute! Coffee beans are produce. Coffee cherries are harvested, and the pit (AKA coffee bean) is separated before being roasted. There are a few methods of separating this thin, exotic cherry from the bean. Often, the cherry is washed off via a multistep process using high quantities of water. Expect every coffee to be washed unless they advertise otherwise. This is a perfectly appropriate way of removing – or processing – the bean and results in a clean cup of coffee true to origin. Alternatively, natural coffees use a traditional processing method that creates the most flavorful coffee of your life! Natural processing – or dry/sundried – is an environmentally friendly method, drying the coffee cherry on the bean over the course of weeks before removing it. While the cherry dries on the bean, it imparts its sweet fruity sugars into the bean. Natural processed beans are coveted for their memorable flavors that range from blueberry to floral rose.  Buy natural or dry processed coffee beans and surprise yourself with an unexpected and natural flavor punch void of additives. Jessica Steffy of award-winning Square One Coffee shares her love of naturally processed coffees below.


Big Coffee occasionally uses bitter and inexpensive Robusta coffee beans. This results in very bitter coffee, likely forcing you into needing creamer. The less bitter alternative is to buy 100% Arabic coffee beans.  These beans are desired for their fruity, floral, spicy, and wonderfully sweet flavors. They naturally have up to double the sugar. Some people enjoy the rubbery bitterness of Robusta beans, but let’s begin appreciating coffee without additives and use higher quality Arabica beans.

Freshly roasted coffee beans are essentially nonexistent on all store shelves. A roasted-on date doesn’t guarantee fresh coffee! Peak coffee flavor occurs 10-21 days after the bean is roasted. Look at the roasted-on dates next time you stroll through the coffee aisle. We wager that you will not find a single bag that was roasted less than 10 days ago. Coffee goes stale in the best conditions and putting it in a freezer will not help. Stale coffee equals flavorless coffee. Imagine roasting any food product only to let it sit for months to years before consuming it – no thanks! Most Americans have never tried true fresh roasted coffee. Independent and local roasters allow us to drink coffee full of true coffee flavor that is lost on stale store shelves.

The majority of coffee sold in grocery stores is over roasted. This is because it's easy to shield and hide poor quality beans with burnt bitterness. High quality beans, the only kind we sell, often showcase and highlight fruit forward acidity at lighter roasts. Dark roasts showcase deep dark jam and plum flavors, but medium to light roasts will shock you with juicy berry, peach, and apple flavors. 

The finest beans are worthless without proper grinding and brewing. Now that you have your 100% Arabica beans that are naturally processed, you need to grind and brew them. Arguably the easiest change you can make to improve your coffee is by using a quality grinder. Pre-ground beans lose flavor quickly and prevent you from enjoying the desirable sublime coffee aromas and flavors. At the risk of getting too scientific, inadequate grinders create inconsistent particle sizes. The inconsistent size causes hot water to extract flavor compounds at different rates and the result is overly bitter and less complex coffee. If you want to create a sensational coffee experience, use a good-quality burr grinder, and grind your beans within five minutes of brewing. Anything over 5 minutes and you lose up to 80% of the aroma. This may sound extreme and finicky, but it is essential and required to produce the game-changing cup of coffee we are looking for. Below Jessica Steffy of Square One Coffee discusses the importance of water quality and grinding your coffee.


Your final cup of coffee is 98% water. For this reason, don’t spoil coffee with water that doesn’t hold up on it’s own. If you avoid drinking your water plain, please don’t brew coffee with it. Once you have a water source picked out, it’s brew time! Can you use a drip machine? Sure, but there are better options that we recommend. We have a simple and inexpensive tool to introduce you to---the AeroPress. It is easy to use, BPA free, and invented by a Stanford University engineering instructor. The AeroPress controls flavor extraction with a convenient plunger and filter. It’s simple to clean and convenient with no electricity required. There are many ways to use an AeroPress but start with their recommended instructions and experiment from there. You can always look at winning recipes from the World AeroPress Championship for motivation. As your coffee cools, the flavor profile will change, becoming more pronounced and heavenly.

Finally, Start by taking a sip of your coffee before adding creamer. You may be surprised to find you don't need it as Chip Colon of Steadfast Coffee explains below.


You can do this! Time to change your coffee routine and support some of the greatest independent local roasters in the process. Shop for freshly roasted naturally processed coffee beans right here at Coffee Medley.

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