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Three Keys Coffee


Three Keys Coffee is a craft coffee roaster from Houston, Texas. Opening in 2020, they quickly caught the attention of Sprudge, Roast Magazine, and us at Coffee Medley.

What makes them stand out? Tio and Kenzel Fallen created an entire multi-sensory experience and packed it into a bag of coffee. With the assistance of Jarrit Sheel, a music professor, and Tio's 15 year history of playing the trumpet, they customized jazz playlists for every specialty roast they sell. 




The fun and energetic playlists coordinate with coffees named Double A-Train, Smooth Horn Blues, Ear Candy, Bossa Nova, and 33 1/3. Artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, and Charles Mingus intersperse your at home cafe experience. Listen to the playlists right here.

Their artistic representation of the coffee flavor wheel builds to your experience. It transposes musical artists in place of flavors. Anise become Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk describes Chamomile.

An equal amount of effort and commitment goes into the coffee roasting. Three Keys purchased a hand built Giesen coffee roaster and went right to work. Listen below as Tio and Kenzel discuss coffee roasting and Three Keys in more detail!



They rip through the stuffiness of specialty coffee and that's exactly what excites us most. Our motto, "You Do You," results in gems like Three Keys that receive deserving attention. Help support this small family business and coffee innovation by purchasing Three Keys Coffee today!


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